HD Video Conference System

HD Video Conference System
Brand: Panasonic
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A KX-VC300 HDVC system from Panasonic lets you reap the benefits of face-to-face interaction without the exorbitant costs and carbon footprint associated with business travel.

With HDVC you can inspect a CAD drawing of a newly milled machine part by your factory, observe delicate vascular surgery from across the country or train your global sales force – as if you were physically present. You’ll experience crystal clear HD video combined with full duplex sound that lets you capture the nuances of facial expression, tone of voice and body language – crucial towards developing a level of trust and rapport otherwise afforded only by a meeting in person.

360º Full Duplex HD Audio
No more leaning in to the microphone to be heard, 360º full duplex audio combined with our Echo Canceller feature ensures clear voices and lets parties on both sides of the conference talk at once – just as you would in a face-to-face meeting.

1080i Full HD Video
As a premier developer of HD video technologies, Panasonic delivers a dazzling level of realism. 1080i resolution provides a crystal clear picture, allowing the smallest of details to be seen.

Easy, User-Friendly Operation & Connection
The compact HDVC codec fits neatly among your other audio/video components. Operation is simple with one-touch conference connect using the remote control or address book, allowing you to spend more time on the discussion, not setting up. The system also allows you to effortlessly make 2-point or multi-point calls so that no one is left out.*

Designed for maximum flexibility, Panasonic HDVC systems can be easily integrated into existing video conferencing environments.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera Control
Allows for pan, tilt and zoom capability for both local and remote cameras to be controlled directly with the HDVC system’s remote control.

Stable Connection/Low Bandwidth Support
Unique Panasonic A/V QoS technology helps prevent dropped signals. With a minimum required IP rate of only 1.5Mbps for full HD (1080p) audio and video transmission, image and sound disruptions on both intranet and internet connections are a thing of the past.

Connect from Anywhere
Sync with third-party cloud application providers like Global Conferencing Solutions™ and conference right from your PC, tablet or smartphone. One-touch record your conferences and enjoy easy interoperability with other videoconferencing brands and protocols.

Wireless Communication
Connection via a wireless router (Wi-Fi) allows the HDVC system to be taken to wherever the user is, keeping the wiring and set-up at the customer site organized and simple. It also allows the HDVC system to be utilized in factories, showrooms and remote locations not equipped with LAN cables.

Computer/Sub Camera Connections
By connecting a PC, you can enrich your meetings with video or slideshows. Connect a second, mobile handheld HD camera to zoom in on something the other parties need to see closely, ideal for real-time collaboration on projects and diagnostics at remote locations.

Changeable Screen Layouts
Even with 4 sites connected, screen layouts can be flexibly changed to enable smooth remote conferencing. With the press of one remote control button, screens can be easily adjusted to fit the users conferencing needs.

*KX-VC300 allows connection of 3 or 4 locations when on the receiving end of a call. Optional Activation Key Card enables a system to initiate a call to 4 location

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